There are a few different options during the payment stage of your order.  If you need your tee the next day or a certain date and want to ensure it will arrive by that date, simply email us at enquiry@xcending.com or call us at (65) 6746 6554 with the details of your order.

Our flat rate postage option will generally only take 7 business days from the day you place your order.

Your order will be listed as ‘processing’ until the day we ship it.  Once we have shipped it then you will receive an email.

Yes, if you need your order ASAP and live in the Brisbane area you are more than welcome to come down to our studio to pick it up.  If doing so than simply select the ‘rush pick up’ option during the check-out stage.

Most of our garments are made of 100% preshrunk cotton.  To ensure you get the most wear out of your tee as possible follow these guidelines:

  • Cold gentle wash inside out
  • Do not tumble dry (we like to hang ours straight on a coat hanger…no ironing necessary)
  • If you must iron, iron inside out
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight

If you follow these general rules your garment will last for up to 30 washes.


Product Information

Click the image below for available styles and sizes.


All our shirts are made of 100% cotton*. They may shrink about half a size when washed except for the Ringers and Women’s Jersey, which seems to shrink about one full size when washed.

You must wash our shirts in cold water with similar colors and dry on low heat to minimize shrinkage. Washing your shirts inside out will prolong the life of your t-shirt as well as help prevent color bleeding, which is more likely to occur on darker, richer colors.

*Exceptions: Scroll down and read the comments under each style below for exceptions.

How do I upload my own drawings?
We can print anything, whether it be a photograph, your drawings or sketches, album covers…anything!  Simply scan the hard copy of what you want printed ensuring you select ‘600dpi’ in your scanner settings.  To upload this file to the design template you will need to convert it to a jpg or png.  We can do this for you simply email us your scan and we will send it back in the right file type.

How can I tell that my artwork is centered properly?
We have printed so many shirts that getting your artwork in the right spot is second nature.  If you are worried about where you have positioned it during your submission please don’t hesitate to call us.  We will always call you if we have any suggestions or questions about placement and quality of your artwork.